Legislative Agenda

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2017 Legislative Agenda

Read the full 2017 legislative agenda.

Ensure Fair Pay and Job Opportunities

✓ Pay Data Transparency Bill – AB 1209; Bill updates; Take action

✓ The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act – AB 569; Bill updates; Take action

✓ Employers: Salary Information – AB 168; Bill updates

Expand Access to Affordable, Quality Early Childhood Care and Education

✓ Child Care Budget Request – Included in approved budget!

✓  The Child Care Protections for Working Families Act – AB 60; Bill updates; Take action

✓ Unlocking Opportunities for Families Bill – AB 273; Bill updates; Take action

Support Family-Friendly Workplaces

✓  New Parent Leave Act – SB 63; Bill updates; Take action

Build Economic Security by Addressing Poverty

✓ Protections for Domestic Violence Survivors on CalWORKS – AB 557; Bill updates; Take action

✓ Access to Menstrual Hygiene Products in Shelters, Schools & Universities – AB 10; Bill updates; Take action

✓ The California Values Act – SB 54; Bill updates; Take action

✓ CalWORKS: Welfare-to-Work: Necessary Supportive Services  – AB 480; Bill updates

  • SSI/SSP Increases – AB 796; Bill updates
  • Caps on Loans to Curb Predatory Lending Practices – AB 1109; Bill updates
Highlights from 2016

Legislative wins, including passage of:

  • Pay Equity for Women in the Workplace – AB 1676.
    • Signed into law by Gov. Brown on September
  • 2016 Domestic Worker Bill of Rights — SB 1015.
    • Signed into law by Gov. Brown on September 12
  • Minimum Wage Increase and Indexing – SB 3.
    • Signed into law by Gov. Brown on April 4
  • Apprenticeship Programs: Building and Construction Trades – AB 2288.
    • Signed into law by Gov. Brown on September 27
  • Expand Paid Family Leave – AB 908.
    • Signed into law by Gov. Brown on April 11

Read the full 2016 case for support, including citations.

Read the full 2016 legislative agenda.

Read the Women’s Legislative Caucus announcement of their 2016 priorities and priority bills.

Highlights from 2015

Legislative wins, including passage of:

  • The California Fair Pay Act, the strongest state equal pay law in the country (SB 358-Jackson)
  • A bill expanding the Kin Care Law to allow employees to use a portion of their sick time to address family care emergencies or when a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking (SB 579-Jackson)
  • An Earn and Learn bill to fund high wage job training (SB 342-Jackson)

Budget wins addressing poverty and workforce development, including:

  • The establishment of a refundable state earned income tax credit for low-income families (SB 38-Liu and AB 43-Stone)
  • Funding for basic skills training at community colleges to support underprepared students (AB 770-Irwin)
  • Funding of $265 million into child care and preschool programs


Download a full copy of the 2015 legislative agenda.


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